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Advancement System

The advancement system allows you as well as your pals to strengthenfurther. As soon as you hit level 70, you will access the system. Then you will be able to win some points through the Dragon Hunter system for you to advance yourself and your pals.

When you do not have enough points to advance yourself, the “Advance” button will be shown as below.

Advancement stages: The advancement stages include the Adventurer Apprentice, Rookie Adventurer, Junior Adventurer, Medium Adventurer, Senior Adventurer, Expert Adventurer, Master Adventurer, Legendary Adventurer, Forest Wanderer and Field Chanter, each of which includes 4 lesser stages respectively. If only you have finished all of the 4 lesser stages of a stage can you advance to a newer stage.

Advancement bonuses: When you advance to a newer stage, your HP will be boosted by 1000. When you advance to a newer lesser stage, your HP will be boosted by 300 instead. For example, there are four lesser stages of Adventurer Apprentice, and when you advance to Adventurer Apprentice I, your HP will be boosted by 1000. When you advance from Adventurer Apprentice I to Adventurer Apprentice II, Adventurer Apprentice III and Adventurer Apprentice IV, your HP will be boosted by 300 during each lesser stage advancement. Your HP will be boosted by 1000 from Adventurer Apprentice IV to Rookie Adventurer I.

Advancement battles: Every time you attempt to advance to a newer stage, you have to fight some enemies. You are able to choose one pal to fight together with you against the enemies. At the early stages, you will fight 3 waves of monsters and each wave has 3 monsters. At later stages, each wave will have 4 monsters.In any of the battles, either the advancer or protector will be located behind the other one, but you are able to change their location.

Losing an advancement battle: If both the advancer and protector were defeated, you would lose the advancement battle. Fortunately, losing the battle will not cause any loss of expend points.

The table below shows the required expend points to advance to each stage and the corresponding bonuses.

NameLevelI-HPI-Expend PointsII-HPII-Expend PointsIII-HPIII-Expend PointsIV-HPIV-Expend PointsTotal HPTotal Expend Points
Adventurer Apprentice701000030033003300319009
Rookie Adventurer7010000300730073004190018
Junior Adventurer701000030010300103007190027
Medium Adventurer8012000400204002040014240054
Senior Adventurer8012000400304003040021240081
Expert Adventurer80120004004040040400282400108
Master Adventurer90140004505045050450352750135
Legendary Adventurer90140004506045060450422750162
Forest Wanderer90-100140004507045070450492750189
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