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Dragon Lair

* Source: Official * Date: Oct 29 2012

Description: After you reach Level 50 and have fully explored the storyline quest instance "Otto Outer City (3)", you can begin the Dragon Lair challenge which will become available on the Event panel.Dragon Lair challenge consists of several stages and you can receive rewards of EXP and Crystals after completing them.

Lairs: There are totally 6 Dragon Lairs, including Red Dragon Nest, Green Dragon Cliff, Blue Dragon Cliff, Golden Dragon Cliff, Black Dragon Nest and Boney Dragon Blight. Every lair has 25 stages. You can tell their status by their colors. The locked lair will be marked grey.

Rewards: You will receive 10,000 EXP after you complete the first stage of Red Dragon Nest and every time you complete the next stage, the EXP rewarded will increase by 500. You also have the chance to get Blue Crystals when you complete any stage and you will encounter a Boss every 5 stages who may drop Purple Crystals after they are killed. Moreover, you will be rewarded with 500 Blood Soul when you achieve your first victory in the Dragon Lair challenge. Blood Soul is required for learning a new skill.

Note: If you finished all the 25 stages, you are NOT able to refresh and challenge them again. Instead, you can exchange the Crystal Shards for Purple Crystals directly.

Rules: It won't cost you any Action Point to challenge these lairs and if you fail at some stage, you can challenge it again and again until you complete it. You can continue the next lair challenge after you complete all the stages of the current lair.

Refresh: You can restart all the finished stages of a lair by refreshing them. Every player can refresh finished stages one time for free in each day while VIP5 and above players can spend some Dragon Gold to have extra chances of refresh. The second refresh will cost 100 Dragon Gold, and for each more refresh, the cost will increase by 100 Dragon Gold.

Sweep: You can use the sweep function to challenge a finished stage automatically and you won't lose anything during the challenge.

Loot & Requirement for Entry:

Red Dragon Nest: Reach Level 50 and fully explore the storyline quest instance "Otto Outer City (3)".

Loot:Blue Crystal I; Purple Crystal I

Green Dragon Cliff: Reach Level 81 and complete the Red Dragon Nest challenge.  

Loot:Blue Crystal II; Purple Crystal II

Blue Dragon Cliff: Reach Level 91 and complete the Green Dragon Cliff challenge.

Loot: Blue Crystal III; Purple Crystal III

Golden Dragon Cliff: Reach Level 101 and complete the Blue Dragon Cliff challenge.

Loot: Blue Crystal IV; Purple Crystal IV

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