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A western-styled side-scrolling turn-based MMORPG, with various systems, humanistic storyline, and miscellaneous fun gameplay .

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Files of Pals - Part I (lv1-4)

Name: Destiny Hunter

Description: As the most outstanding hunters from the elves that are migrating inside Glancer Kingdom, Destiny Hunters have impressive divination ability which can even help them foresee their enemies' next move. That's why their arrows are so deadly.

Class: Ranger
Attributes: Strength 50, Skill 55, Intellect 45, HP 50
Finishing Attack: Expected Crit (Has a chance to inflict a crit hit.)
Required Reputation: None

Name: Whilar I

Description: A young adventurer from Willshire who will never stop pursuing his dreams. With practical combat skills, he can overcome all the troubles occurring in the adventure. However, for some unknown reason, this seemingly sunny boy would give you a blow from time to time when you lower your guard.

Class: Assassin
Attributes: Strength 50, Skill 55, Intellect 50, HP 80
Finishing Attack: Sneak Attack (Has a chance to stun the enemy.)
Required Reputation: None

Name: Dick Agne

Description: The Lord of Strawberry Field in Willshire. Planting strawberries is all what he cares and thanks to the combat to prevent beasts destroying his strawberries, Dick Agne develops a strong body. Nothing will get hurt under his protection. However, he has few male friends because of his name.

Class: Lord
Attributes: Strength 70, Skill 50, Intellect 50, HP 150
Finishing Attack: Armor Enhanced (Blocks transformation.)
Required Reputation: 10

Name: Magic Guard

Description: By injecting magic into its body, Magic Guard gains enormous power. He has been guarding Claymose Lake firmly and loyally, keeping invaders outside. In fact, its existence makes the Crystal Castle even more mysterious.

Class: Ranger
Attributes: Strength 60, Skill 60, Intellect 60, HP 250
Finishing Attack: Enhancement (Has a chance to reduce the enemy's morale.)
Required Reputation: 100

Name: Crazy Nielas

Description: The owner of the Crystal Castle. He killed his wife in an accident and then became crazy in studying how to revive his wife. Nielas is very good at using magic and elements, far better than most mages on StilLand.

Class: Mage
Attributes: Strength 60, Skill 60, Intellect 60, HP 250
Finishing Attack: Insanity (Increases the crit hit rate of your spells.)
Required Reputation: 100

Name: E.T

Description: A very mysterious guy. No one can tell where he comes from and few have seen how he fights. Wanna make E.T. your pal? Well, good luck with it!

Class: Warlock
Attributes: Strength 50, Skill 60, Intellect 80, HP 380
Finishing Attack: Eliot's Dream (Attacks enemy units in a line.)
Required Reputation: 1000

Name: Impaler

Description: Impalers are well known for their sharp double blades and rapid attack. Their penetrating attack will deal a fatal blow on the unguarded enemies. It is very difficult to make an Impaler your pal, but once you do, he will become the most reliable partner in combat.

Class: Assassin
Attributes: Strength 60, Skill 70, Intellect 60, HP 380
Finishing Attack: Transfixion (Attacks enemy units in a column.)
Required Reputation: 1000

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