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Rules | Attribute of Crystal | Purify | Crystal Shard

The Crystals you gained from Dragon Lairs can be beset into your weapon to give it some attribute bonus.

For introduction of Dragon Lair, visit here.

Rules of Beset:

Crystals can be beset into weapons only, and while they are besetinto a weapon, they cannot be sold. Upgrading weapons won’t cause the beset Crystals to disappear or change their attributes.

One weapon can be beset with up to 6 Crystals. You can begin to:

Besetthe 1st Crystal when you unlock Red Dragon Nest;

Beset the 2nd Crystal when you unlock Green Dragon Cliff;

Beset the 3rd Crystal when you unlock Blue Dragon Cliff;

Beset the 4th Crystal when you unlock Golden Dragon Cliff.

Beset the 5th Crystal when you unlock Black Dragon Nest.

Beset the 6th Crystal when you unlock Boney Dragon Blight.

Attributes of Crystal

Every Crystal is attached with one innate attribute and they can have 3 attributes at most. You can replace a Crystal’s attributes by besetting.

No star for 1 attribute2 stars for 2 attributes   3 stars for 3 attributes

It will cost you 20 Dragon Gold to add one extra attribute to a Crystal, which means you have to spend 40 Dragon Gold to give a Crystal 3 attributes.


The purify function will help your equipment obtain better attribute bonus.

There are two kinds of Crystals: the blue one and the purple one. The Purple Crystal will always have a higher value than the Blue Crystal, supposing they have a same type of attribute.

An example of purification. The numbers in brackets means the range of attribute value the Crystal could obtain after purification.

Free Purification: You can purify Crystals for free 3 times in each day. After the free purifications are used up, you need to spend 3 Crystal Shards and 10,000 Gold for every extra purification. If you don’t have enough Shards, 10 Dragon Gold will be consumed instead. You can choose to purify several attributes at the same time and it won’t cost you extra Dragon Gold or Gold.

Lock Attribute: You can lock your desired attributes to prevent them being replaced during purification. It is allowed to lock up to 2 attributes at the same time. If you lock one attribute, you will have to pay 6 Shards and 20,000 Gold for each purification. If you lock 2 attributes, then you have to pay 9 Shards and 30,000 Gold for each purification.

Batch Purify: VIP5 and above players can use the batch purifyingfunction which will purify the Crystal for 10 times automatically. Of course, the cost will be 10 times too. After a batch purifyingends, you will get 10 purifyingresults from which you can choose the most satisfied one. Compared with normal purifying, batch purifyingis more possible to generate good attributes. The following is one example of batch purifying.

Note: A Crystal cannot have two attributes of the same type. For example, if there is an attribute of HP +1000 attached to the Crystal, then it can’t have attributes of increasing HP again. However, it is allowed to have the same type of attributes attached to different Crystals that are beset into the same weapon. For example, if your weapon has an attribute of HP +1000 on its first Crystal, second Crystal and third Crystal at the same time, then the weapon will give you a total bonus of HP +3000. As you explore in game, you will figure out a combination of attributes that best matches your character development strategy.

Crystal Shard

If you have spare Crystals, you can sell them for Crystal Shards which are used to pay the purification fee.

Sell one Blue Crystal and you can get 1 Crystal Shard and 10,000 Gold in return.

Sell one Purple Crystal and you can get 3 Crystal Shards and 20,000 Gold in return.

Once you get through the Red Dragon Nest, which means you have finished all the 25 stages, you can claim 10 Crystal Shards a day for FREE  from 'Daily Salary'. And the next Lair will give you 20 shards a day, and so on.

Each extra purification will cost 3 Shards and 10,000 Gold. You need to pay 3 Shards to lock one attribute and extra 3Shards for extra attribute to lock, that is, 6 Shards for locking 2 attributes (As it costs 3 Shards to purify 3 attributes once, so it costs 9 Shards at all for purifying 2 attributes and 3 attributes).

When Crystal Shards run short, Dragon Gold will be consumed instead. You can choose to purify several attributes at the same time and it won’t cost you extra Dragon Gold or Gold.

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