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A western-styled side-scrolling turn-based MMORPG, with various systems, humanistic storyline, and miscellaneous fun gameplay .

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Q: How do I distinguish the equipment quality in the game?
A: You can easily distinguish the equipment quality just by the color of their name. The blue ones are the poorest, the purple ones are the intermediate, and the yellow ones (not available yet) are the best. Please refer to Equipment System for more details.

Q: How do I use a scroll to craft an equipment?
A: If only you have collected enough of the required raw materials, you can craft such equipment by double clicking the scroll. Additionally, by clicking the required raw material, you can automatically move towards the Heroic Instance where you can find the material.

Q: Why can't I attempt to enhance the equipment anymore?
A: It is very likely because you are not high-level enough. If so, as long as you level up, you will be able to enhance it further.

Q: How many active pals can I have at most at one time? Will the pal be degraded when dismissed?
A: As you level up further, you will be able to have more active pals at one time, but you can have at most 8 active pals at one time and at most 5 of the active pals can join your active formation. When dismissed, the pal will not be degraded. You can summon them again in a tavern or click the Pal button in your profile panel to summon them again.

Q: What requirements must I meet to summon other pals?
A: You will be able to summon the common pals by completing the certain storyline quests. If you meet the certain reputation requirements, you can summon your pals in a tavern. A higher-quality pal requires more reputation.

Q: What does the content inside the brackets behind the name of a friend in my friend list?
A: It indicates the highest-area the player has fully explored. For example, "Glancer (20)" means the highest-level area that the player has fully explored is No. 20 area of Glancer.

Q: What are the requirements to create a guild?
A: If only you have  fully explored Wild Stone Circle(1), you are eligible to create to a guild at the cost of 100,000 Gold.

Q: How do I obtain a Horoscope Essence?
A: When you have reached Level 20, you are accessible to the function of Astrology with the help of a Fortune Teller (NPC) in any city. While interacting with a lower-level Astrologer, you can possibly activate a higher-level Astrologer who can help you obtain a top Horoscope Essenceeasier.

Q: How do I distinguish the quality of a Horoscope Essence?
A: You can simply distinguish the quality of a Horoscope Essence by its color. Grey, green, blue, purple and yellow. Horoscope Essences are respectively inferior to the later ones. Amongst them, grey ones, as the worst Horoscope Essences, cannot be equipped but can only be sold.

Q: How do I combine Horoscope Essences? What is the level cap for a Horoscope Essence?
A: You can combine 2 Horoscope Essences simply by dragging one to the other one.For the 2 Horoscope Essences of the same level, the one dragged will cover the other one; for the 2 Horoscope Essences of different level, the higher-level one will cover the lower-level one; for the 2 Horoscope Essences of different quality, the higher-quality one will cover the lower-quality one. The level cap of all Horoscope Essences is 12.

Q: How do I customize a formation?
A: Simply click the "Formation" button, and select a formation at the right side of the pop-up panel, then drag the avatar at the left side to the slots available.

Q: What can I benefit from training?
A: By training, you can augment your stats. VIPs can augment their stats for Higher-level training by spending some Dragon Gold, and will easier augment their stats to the maximum. When you level up 1, the maximum of your stats will all increase by 1.

Q: How do I hide/show other player characters?
A: Simply click the "Hide" button at the top right corner to hide/show other player characters.

Q: How can I fast level up my pals especially the senior pals I summoned a bit late?
A: You can level up your pals by right of four ways. Firstly, you can enable a pal to impart another pal's Exp. Secondly, you can dispatch pals to fight in the instances to gain Exp. Thirdly, you can enable pals to gian Exp in the Altar. Fourthly, when you have reached Level 80, you can enable pals to gain Exp by using the Life Tree system.

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