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A western-styled side-scrolling turn-based MMORPG, with various systems, humanistic storyline, and miscellaneous fun gameplay .

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Jan. 10th Maintenance & Patch Note

* Source: Official * Date: Jan 09 2013

Maintenance Time: 1:00 A.M. – 3:00 A.M., Jan. 10th EST (GMT-5)
Server: All Servers

New Systems
1. Email System
The Email System is mainly used to distribute the system-related information and items but not to support the email communication between players temporarily.

2. Meditation System
Meditation system will replace the original Muse system without any adjustment of the actual returns. Players can spend Dragon Gold to accelerate Meditation 5 times a day. The higher your VIP level is, the more accelerate times you will obtain. (Accelerate times= 5+Your Current VIP level*5).

3. In-game Patch Note
The Patch Note will prompt in game to let players know the updates directly.

4. Talent
New properties (Critical Damage, Resilence, Block, Anti-block, Dodge, Hit) are added.

1. Guild
1) When a member leaves the guild, he will take away guild Exp equals to his contribution. The guild level will not be reduced and the guild exp will not be negative.
2) When a player joins a new guild, he will bring guild Exp equals to 80% contribution as much as he gained in the former guild.
3) The guild leader will gain reputation equals to Guild Level * 80, and the guild vice leader will gain reputation equals to Guild Level * 50.
4) Rewards will be settled account and granted at 24:00 every day.

2. Ring Escort
The VIP level for summoning "Galadriel" is adjusted to be level 3 and the original cost of 1,000 Dragon Gold is decreased to 300 with same returns.
3. Astrology
The function of "Auto Divination” will be available for all level 80+ players for free to save the time.
4. Death Match
The function of "Auto Join Battle" is enabled for free, which is no longer limited to some VIP levels.
5. Dragon Cave
A new ranking system for Dragon Cave is created, showing the progresses of masters clearly.
6. Altar
The function of "Batch Pick" will be added when it is full of Treasure Boxes or Holy Water.
7. Both chat window notice and screen notice are optimized.
8. Some gameplay tips are added into the loading interface.
9. The Refining system is optimized.
10. New tasks will be added in ‘Guide’.
11. The upper limit of the attributes obtained via training is adjusted.
12. Reputation and honour points are indicated at players’ avatar.
13. Links to various enforcement systems will pop up at the lower-right corner after you are defeated.

Performance optimization
1. The overall performance of the main interface is optimized.
2. Images of the 3 main classes are substituted.
3. Repetition of astrological names is optimized.
4. NPC dialog box is optimized.
5. The effect of full-screen notice will be added by sending 99 flowers.
6. The visual effect for talent upgrade is added.
7. Name displaying in the Instances is added.
8. A transparent picture of figure optimization unloaded is replaced.
9. King Glancer decides to rebuild the whole city; the map of Glancer is updated.

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