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Dragon’s Call II --- Fantastic 2013, the new version is spreading!!

* Source: Official * Date: Jan 10 2013

We have built a strong relationship with all players, the brave, with the touching brought by Dragon’s Call II within merely a few months through 2012 flied away. In the New Year, we definitely will continue this touching! A brand new version and multi game optimization will be introduced in January!

A brand new game interface presents at the turning point of doomsday!
2012 is not the doomsday of the world while Dragon’s Call II is formed gloriously. Brand new UI materials and features will give you a refreshing feeling!

A new journey for us is created in a wonderful world!

Stillland World will usher in a new era after the doomsday. With the sounding of horn again, adventurers will have to face new challenges and keep breaking through in order to explore the mystery of the ancient dragon, which will bring vitality to this deadly world. The world map is completely updated to give you better visual enjoyment!

Cool impact! The images of three Classes are all changed!

As the saying goes, "Fine feathers make fine birds." In the New Year, the images of Classes are also new! New appearance of three classes and 3D roles modelling are created to give you excellent gaming experience!

Warrior -- The natural leader born and growing up on the battlefield
As a trustful teammate, Warriors can always fight with melee weapons. They can easily  cut into the enemies’ armor and eliminate them in the fierce battle.

Mage - the element dominator moving as quickly as thunder
Outstanding energy control, splendid element apprehension and graceful dressing are always what we see from the mages. In fact, the instant destruction power shown by the elegant mages can easily stir their teammates’ blood.

Assassin - the uncrowned king in the shadowy world with companionship of cruelty
Assassins never recognize any official authority or organs. Free of restriction of morality and emotions, they stick to seeking benefits and victory unscrupulously. Wandering between darkness and light, Assassins can easily eliminate their opponents with a single move.

For this version, not only the images of 3 main classes are updated, but the fighting experience is optimized, too. The role's behaviour smoothness is greatly enhanced due to the 3D modelling and special effects, in addition to that, skill performance during fighting and behaviour performance after fighting will be presented with details. At that time, players will see a completely different Dragon’s Call II.

New contents are certainly far more than the above! For more updates, please continue to view the news on the official website.

As always touched! Dragon’s Call II will introduce brand new experience to you! We are looking forward to your participation!

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