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A western-styled side-scrolling turn-based MMORPG, with various systems, humanistic storyline, and miscellaneous fun gameplay .

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Pals List

* Source: Official * Date: Dec 03 2012
Reputation LevelImagesPal's NameClassStrenghSkillIntellectHPRequired ReputationRequired Gold



1Destiny HunterRanger5055455000Expected CritHas a chance to inflict a crit hit.
1Whilar IAssassin50555080050Sneak AttackHas a chance to stun the enemy.
2Dick AgneLord70505015010100Armor EnhancedBlocks transformation.
3Magic GuardRanger6060602501001000EnhancementHas a chance to reduce the enemy's morale.
3Crazy NielasMage6060602501001000InsanityIncreases the crit hit rate of your spells.
4E.TWarlock50608038010005000Eliot's    DreamAttacks enemy units in a line.
4ImpalerAssassin607060380100010000TransfixionAttack enemy units in a column.
5Stone GuardWarrior706565550500030000Body    ProtectionTransforms to greatly boost your physical defense for three rounds.
5Eagle EyesRanger707060550500030000Eagle    EyeTransforms to greatly boost your hit rate for three rounds.
5Earth SpiritMage606080550500030000Fury    AttackIncreases your skill damage.
6Ogre WarriorWarrior908060105020000120000Heavy    BlowHas a chance to stun the enemy.
6T-800Lord909050105020000120000Group    StunImposes AOE effect on all units.
6Dragonfire BeastWarlock6565100105020000120000Dragon's    BreathIncreases the effect of your skills and crit hits.
7Knight HarveyWarrior1109050155060000300000Knight's    ShieldHas a huge chance to stun the enemy.
7Pharmacist BelloWarlock6080110155060000300000Toxic    ChaosPoisons enemy    units in a column.
8King GlionLord100100501800100000300000Crit    EnhancedTransforms to greatly boost your crit hit rate for three rounds.
7Red DragonMage6565120155060000300000Tail    StrikeReduces the morale of enemy units in a transverse direction within an area.
8PrisonerAssassin90100601800100000300000PenetrationReduces all    enemy units' defense.
8No. i837Assassin100110401800100000600000MenaceReduces a single enemy's morale.
Weapon MasterRanger1001001002050150000600000Crit EnhancedTransforms to greatly boost your crit hit rate for three rounds.
9Nima WolfWarrior110110802050150000600000BlockIncreases the block rate.
9SoundwaveWarlock5010015020501500001200000Mind    MasteryIncreases the damage.
10RipperRanger12012011030502000001200000TearIncreases your skill attack and has a chance to inflict a crit hit.
10Furnace MonsterLord1451456030502000001800000Energy    FusionIncreases your block rate for one round with your attack increased at the same time.
11AliceMage10012018040502600001800000HealInflicts bonus effects to increase your HP and attack.
11Humanoid WarriorAssassin12018010040502600001800000Weakness    InsightEnables your attacks to ignore the enemy's defense.
12Ghost ArcherRanger15015015050503300002400000Accurate    HitEnables your attacks to surely hit the enemy.
12PathogenMage10015020050503300002400000BiohazardStuns the enemy units in a column and reduces their morale.
Ghost KnightLord25025010070504800002400000Ghost AssaultTransforms into the crit hit boost state.
13ExecutionerAssassin18022010060504000003000000ExecutionPoisons all enemy units within an area.
15SteelwingAssassin27027011080505600003000000FlywingConsumes morale to attack enemy units in a line till your morale reduces to 50.
15Officer DorisRanger21023021080505600003000000Military    SupplyIncreases HP and defense of all units.
16Alien CreatureMage12018040090506400005000000PsychicHas a chance to stun all enemy units.
16Mighty LaneyAssassin250300150905064000010000000MongooseTransforms to greatly boost your dodge rate and attack.
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