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A western-styled side-scrolling turn-based MMORPG, with various systems, humanistic storyline, and miscellaneous fun gameplay .

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Note: Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.
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[Updated]Dec. 6th Maintenance & Patch Note

* Source: Official * Date: Dec 05 2012

We will be performing server maintenance from 1:00 AM to 2: 00 AM, Dec. 6th (EST) in all servers. If maintenance fails to be completed on schedule, the availability of the game may be delayed accordingly.

 Patch Note:

1. The quests for new players will be optimized.

2. Some Promotion events will be added in game.

 Note: All the rewards below can only be claimed ONCE.

 1) [Name]: First Recharge Package

[Duration]: Permanent



1 Strength Potion I,
1 Skill Potion I,
1 Intellect Potion I,
1 Lv20 Kingdom weapon of your class,
50 Action Points,
50,000 Gold

 2) [Name]: Top Up and Win

[Duration]: Accordingly

 [Content]: If the accumulated amount of your recharged Dragon Gold reaches the requirement in time, you can claim the corresponding rewards in game. Note: Please pay attention to the Countdown.


Amount of DG



1 Kingdom Necklace Scroll (for crafting lv20 necklace), 1 Strength Potion I, 1 Skill Potion I, 1 Intellect Potion I, 50 Action Points and 500,000 Gold


1 Thunderclap Boots Scroll (for crafting lv40 shoes), 1 Strength Potion II, 1 Skill Potion II, Intellect Potion II, 100 Action Points and 1,000,000 Gold


1 Thunderclap Hood*1(lv40 hat), 1 Strength Potion III, 1 Skill Potion III, 1 Intellect Potion III, 150 Action Points and 2,000,000 Gold


1 Strength Potion IV , 1 Skill Potion IV, 1 Intellect Potion IV, 300 Action Points, 600 Dragon Gold, 10,000 Honor and 3,000,000 Gold


1 Raven Shoes Scroll (for crafting lv60 shoes), 1 Strength Potion IV, 1 Skill Potion IV, 1 Intellect Potion IV, 20 Horoscope Debris, 1,500 Dragon Gold and 50,000 Honor


1 Lv60 Weapon of your class, 1 Strength Potion V, 1 Skill Potion V, 1 Intellect Potion V, 100 Horoscope Debris, 1,000 Dragon Gold and 5,000,000 Gold


1 Set of Lv80 Equipment, 1 Strength Potion VI, 1 Skill Potion VI, 1 Intellect Potion VI, 200 Horoscope Debris, 1 Weapon Recast Token, 20,000 Dragon Gold and 100,000 Honor

3) We will not update the following patch at this time's server maintenance temporarily.

[Name]: Download the Client and Login -coming soon

[Duration]: Since you download the login client

[Content]: Download the client and login Dragon's Call II via the client continuously, you can claim some gifts accordingly.
If you fail to login 1 day, your login record will be put off.  



Login Days



20,000 Gold and 1 Lv20 Kingdom Necklace


30,000 Gold, 10 Action Points and 10 Dragon Gold


30,000 Gold, 20 Action Points and 20 Dragon Gold


50,000 Gold, 20 Action Points and 20 Dragon Points

Thanks for your understanding and we appreciate your support! Have fun!  

Ray Media Group Limited
 Dec. 4th, 2012

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