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A western-styled side-scrolling turn-based MMORPG, with various systems, humanistic storyline, and miscellaneous fun gameplay .

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Dec. 20th Maintenance & Patch Note

* Source: Official * Date: Dec 19 2012

We will be performing server maintenance from 1:00 AM to 2: 30 AM, Dec. 20th (EST) in all servers. If maintenance fails to be completed on schedule, the availability of the game may be delayed accordingly.

Patch Note:
New Systems
1. Colosseum
Join in the Colosseum match to prove yourself, win more Reputation, Honor and Exp.

2. Shapeshift Card
You can shift into various shapes with Shapeshift Cards, which is sold at Black Market.
3. Level cap is raised to 100 with corresponding instances and maps available.

Christmas Events
1. Grab Xmas Gifts(12.24-12.31)
You can join the event three times every day during the period. The highest score of that day will be listed on the ranking and you will get corresponding Reputation and Gold rewards according to your ranking after the event.

2. Consume More, Earn More (12.21-12.27)
During the event, players can claim 10% of the Dragon Gold and Gold consumed in the previous day.

System Improvements

1.New Pals Ring Wraith, Golden Dragon Messenger and Light Devourer are added.

2. Optimized the sorting rules of the weekly stage ranking, and optimized display of individual information for players to compare conveniently.
3. Modified the aura effect when Rage is full in combat and the display effect of skill casting.
4. Added restriction on guild dismissing: the guild leader cannot dismiss Lvl 2+ guild.
5. Added guild leader impeachment: if the guild leader doesn’t log into the game for seven consecutive days, any member can spend some Dragon Gold impeaching the leader. If the member successfully impeaches the leader, he will be promoted as the leader. The former leader will be demoted to member.
6. Added guild leader transfer: the guild leader can select any vice leader to transfer leadership to him.
7. Guild Boss War:
1) If the guild leader doesn’t confirm the beginning time of Boss War, the default time is at 16:40 and 22:40 on Sunday.
2) The beginning time cannot be edited 40 minutes ahead of the Guild Boss War.
3) The beginning time takes effect that week after edited instead of next week.

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