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Xmas Events

* Source: Official * Date: Dec 20 2012

Xmas is around the corner. Here are some Xmas events for adventurers. Let's enjoy the cheerful Xmas together. Get prepared for more surprised gifts!

Event 1:Grab Xmas Gifts

It's a Xmas mini game. You can click the Event icon at the top corner to join the event for three times every day during the period. The highest score of that day will be listed on the ranking and those ranking first 20 places can acquire abundant rewards.

Event Time: 0:00 Dec 24th - 23:59 Dec. 31st, 2012 (Server Time)


   You can play the game for three times every day with each time lasting 2 minutes (by countdown). After 0:00, you have another three chances for the game.
After entering the game scene, click "Start" and then press Left and Right button on your keyboard to move your character to grab gifts dropped by Santa Claus. Every gift scores 1 and can be accumulated. Your highest score of that day will be listed on the ranking.


 1. Your highest score of that day will be listed on the ranking for rewards. The first player who finishes the game will be rewarded if he has the same score with others.
2. After the event, you will get corresponding rewards according to your ranking. Click "Claim Rewards" at the top of the navigation bar to claim your own rewards.
Top 1:  5000 Reputations, 2,000,000 Gold.
Top 2-5:  3000 Reputation, 1,500,000 Gold.
Top 6 – 10: 2000 Reputation, 1,200,000 Gold
Top 11-20: 1000 Reputation, 1,000,000 Gold
Other participants:  500 Reputations, 500,000 Gold.

Event 2: Xmas Gifts

With Xmas coming, our gracious Santa Claus changes the Treasure Box at the Altar into various Xmas gifts.

Duration: 0:01 Dec 24th, 2012 - 23:59 Dec. 31st , 2012 (Server Time)


Event 3: Consume More, Earn More

Still remember the Refund Event during Thanksgiving? Here is our Xmas Refund. Same surprise and gifts make our adventure more splendid.

Event Time: Dec 21st 0:00Dec. 27th 23:59 (Server Time)

Refund expires in: Dec. 31st 23:59. Please claim the rewards in time.

Event content: You can claim 10% of Dragon Gold and gold you consumed every day during the event period. You can view specific consumption and refund information at the event panel by clicking the icon at the top corner of the screen , where you can also claim the rewards after the event.

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